Bill Clinton told Altman he didn’t think of the interview as an invasion of privacy. “The public has a right to know the condition of the president’s health.”
Surely Bill Clinton didn’t enjoy having his hemorrhoids and weight fluctuation discussed in the media, but it was one day of chuckling, and then it pretty much put the issue of his health to bed. It worked for him. Hillary Clinton’s campaign does not appear likely to give anything beyond the letter from Bardack. Why is Hillary Clinton unwilling to meet the standard of disclosure that Bill Clinton set? You may recall that one of Bill Clinton’s rivals in the primary that year was Senator Paul Tsongas. 

God rest his soul, but Tsongas and his doctors lied through their teeth: When Tsongas ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic nomination the 1992 presidential campaign, he made an issue of his survival from a form of cancer known as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. But Tsongas and his doctors at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Ronald W. Takvorian and George P. Canellos, repeatedly said he had been cancer-free when he had not. In so doing, they implied that the cancer was cured when indeed it was not curable.

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