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White Russian

This  is my favorite drink for the winter. In fact, I’m having one right now. I’ll warn you now it is a sipper not a drink to chug a lug or get too tipsy drinking it. (What I really mean is you wouldn’t want to get sick drinking this). The recipe from the link I’ve provided is below. BUT this is how I make it.

1 shot Vanilla Vodka (I prefer Svekda)

1 shot Kahlua

1 shot coffee creamer (I prefer Vanilla creamer but tonight I have the original liquid coffeemate creamer)

Mix and serve on rocks

White Russian


1 measure vodka

1 measure coffee liqueur

¾ measure milk

¾ measure double cream


How to make a white Russian

1. Add the first two ingredients to an ice filled ‘rocks glass’ or tumbler.

2. Shake milk and cream together and float on top.

Tip: Leave out the milk and cream to make a black Russian. Add cola to a white russian and you have a Colorado Bulldog.

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